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Orphan Jane

Orphan Jane is circus tents and gypsies, traditional blues and vaudeville, a dear friend of whom you’re just a little afraid. Like a drink cut with sharp mandolins, wheezing accordions and trilling trumpets chased by the driving lines of a standup bass.
A vocalist equal parts Lotte Lenya and Little Mermaid with a band of hooligans growling close behind.

Orphan Jane is:

  • Old Man Shorty: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
  • The Girls with No Name: Vocals
  • Darla McBean: Trumpet
  • The Gravedigger: Bass
  • Montana Slim: Accordian, Vocals


Orphan Jane the Musical Logo

Orphan Jane the Musical

Orphan Jane the Musical tells the story of Jane, a young orphan yearning for fame and fortune.  Touring from town to town with her two companions who have become the only family she has ever known, Jane dreams of performing on the stage and becoming the name that everyone knows and the face that everyone covets.  Upon meeting the attractive and talented Thomas Sevius in a small town run by a corrupt Queen, Jane finally gets her chance at the life she desires but she must also learn the price of the fame that she so eagerly seeks.

With the original book written by Tim Cluff and an original score composed and arranged by the members of Orphan Jane, this new work brings the story of glamour, fame, deceit, struggle and an unlikely love affair to the stage.

Directed by Raj Varma, Orphan Jane the Musical stars a cast of New York City-based actors and performers and will be making its first major unveiling in the summer of 2018.

The Traveling Everything Show

The Traveling Everything Show is Orphan Jane’s second album that was released in October of 2016.  This is the first album to feature Caitlin Featherstone, also known as “Darla McBean” on the trumpet. “Join Old Man Shorty, The Girl with No Name, Darla McBean, The Gravedigger and Montana Slim as they coo and growl through eleven brand new recordings about Bankers, Ingenues, War Vets, Immigrants and Creepy Elderly Men.  Sound good? Put up your feet and let the Traveling Everything Show take you away…”

Orphan Jane the Traveling Everything Show